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5 Reasons You Fail at “No”

5 Reasons You Fail at “No”



A big aspect of being a grown up, is learning to own up.

You have to learn to own up to the  decisions you make and the words you say.

You have to learn to back up each and every “yes” you give someone and fully commit to it.

You have to learn the power of “No” and make an impact.

Here are 5 Reasons You’re Failing at “No.”

  1. You haven’t figured out how to create your own priorities based off principles and values you live behind.

This makes decision making difficult and faulty. This means your “Yes” is wishy-washy and your “No” has no power behind it.

       2.  You want respect.

Until you can stand behind your “Yes’s and No’s” you won’t be receiving much respect.

Respect is earned, not given.

         Start making your words mean something and commit to following through on your decisions.

       3. Stop taking it personally when someone tells you “No.”

A truly successful person (one who lives with conviction) doesn’t say “No” to shoot you down, discourage you, make you feel worthless or undeserving.

A real “No” means the person behind it has other priorities right now that take precedent over your request.

A real “No” means the person behind it weighed the decision carefully, and decided they couldn’t invest enough of their resources to give your request what it fully deserves.

4. Begin to take “No’s” quickly and with ease, and move on to the next best possible person/organization you’d like to present your request to.

You stop letting your emotions tangle up with every “No” and see if for what it is – a chance to find the right avenue faster and an opportunity for your work to receive the 110% it deserves.

5. Are you beginning to figure this out? “No” is a ticket. 

When you tell someone “No” it means you know your purpose and your focus.

When you receive a “No” it means there is a better alternative/resource out there and the quicker you adjust your “How” the quicker you will find your “Who.”

There are no emotions involved in giving and receiving “No’s.”

It’s a decision making process. You live with purpose, focus and direction.

Every “No” you give means if you’d say “Yes” you’d be taking yourself off course.

Every “No” you receive, means that person saying it, if they’d say “Yes”, they’d get off course.

Every “No” you receive means that the person saying it respects you, what you are asking of them, and that what you are requesting deserves optimal love, care and investing in.

All a “No” means, is that this route is not the best option for you and somewhere out there is a person or business whose purpose and direction lines right up with what you are working to build. That person or business is eagerly seeking what you are wanting to do or be part of – you just have to keep looking until you find them. Don’t sell yourself short.

What you are working on and believing in deserves the best you can dream of!

This means owning up to your decisions, owning up to your “Yes’s and No’s.” It means growing up and changing how you give and receive those “Yes’s and No’s”.

Utilize these techniques in your decision making process and watch how life begins to change for you, in your favor.

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  1. Reply Brandi Clevinger

    This was written for me. I have a hard time dealing with someone telling me “no”. And it’s for all these reasons right here! I read with an open mind and going to refer back to this often.

  2. Reply Amy @ Mama Running for God

    I’m horrible at saying No. Thanks for this. I needed it.

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