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3 Tips for Getting Closer to Your Goal

closer to goals

3 Tips for Getting Closer to Your Goal


Just recently in our Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone series, I talked about the fears and stuck points we face during different phases of going after our goals. If that is you, you are stuck, go read that post it will help you!

Today I am adding to those tips and I’m giving you solutions that will make the goal achieving process easier, not just in your mind, but literally easier to achieve.

The Right Approach

It doesn’t matter how many goals you’ve set, gone after and achieved. Everyone faces challenges and  gets stuck sometimes. The key in being able to continue make progress and reach you goal is in learning to have the right approach.

Most people will never achieve a goal, simply because their approach is to try and then give up as soon as it starts to get challenging.

Some people will make progress but they fall into this adage of “Try, Keep Trying and Try Some More” thinking that will actually work. (It doesn’t. Doing the exact same thing over and over again doesn’t acknowledge the definition of what a goal is. Keep reading.) They quit because they stuck with a method that doesn’t work.

Those who successfully achieve one goal after another learned what setting a goal really means – that one will have to learn, grow and change in order to achieve said goal and maintain the results.

Most people don’t want to do any learning, growing or changing – let alone all three.

If you’ve got a goal and you find yourself momentarily stuck – check yourself and your approach.

Are you willing to learn, grow and change?

Or, are you resisting that learning, growth and change your goal requires of you to achieve it?


Showing UP

Successful living is about learning to balance your life out, getting away from the need to be extreme in anything and then raising your life up to higher levels of evolving and living.

Everything you are and experience in in your life is a direct result from your approach. Your approach to life is essentially your decisions about what you believe to be true and how you go about your life.

Achieving goals requires you to be consistent with your approach to life. You have to both be willing to show up consistently and putting in effort AND to get your approach for living aligned properly. 

The most positive attitude in the world does nothing if you don’t show up. Showing up every day does nothing if your thinking and decision making isn’t right.

Your habits don’t begin with your actions, they begin with the decisions you make and think about, agree with and reinforce every day.

If you’re not reaching your goal as fast as you’d like, check yourself. Are you like a ping pong ball going back and forth, back and forth from a consistent and good approach to a chaotic, unfocused and undisciplined negative approach 500x a day? With that, you know you are not going to see good results!

Your actions need to align with your decisions and thinking process – consistently.

The level of consistency you apply also makes a difference.

We all start with one hour a week devoted to our goal and self-improvement. Over a year this adds up and 52 hours of effort that will create results – slowly. Devoting 3 hours a week turns into 156 hours’ worth of focused energy. 5 hours a week equals 260 hours of great effort.

You decide how fast you will see those desired results based on the decisions you make about how consistent you want to be. Your results will require effort, you have to put in the work.

*If you are new at goal setting start with that 1-2 sessions a week and slowly build. As you go on, your motivation and momentum and discipline will strengthen and you’ll be wanting to devote more time to your goal soon enough.


What you expect to receive in life is what you experience in life.

Everything you are is energy, think of yourself as a boomerang machine and all day long you send out boomerangs of energy. If your boomerangs are filled with good, high, fun, light, joy filled, peace filled energy, this is what you will receive back in some form. If your boomerangs contain the opposite, that is what you receive.

It doesn’t matter what you say out loud or do in action, it is the energy behind it that determines the results. It is possible to speak positively often yet receive negative circumstance, this is because on the inside this person is sending out low energy boomerangs.

I’m going to take you right down the easy path to building wonderful expectations for your goals.

 Just fill in the blanks to these affirmations below:

It is easy and natural for me to (your desired goal outcome, who you will be and what you will be doing).

               Example: It is easy and natural for me to speak on a stage in front of a large crowd empowering others.

(Action step for your goal) is easy for me to learn, be and do.

               Example: Learning how to be a good speaker and speak with confidence is easy for me to learn and do.

I am willing to learn, grow and change along the way, as I (your goal).

               Example: I am willing to learn how to become a wonderful speaker, I’m willing to grow into a person who is confident speaking in front of others, I can change and become a talented speaker.

I am a (positive description) and (2nd positive description) (your desired outcome).

               Example: I am a charismatic and highly requested international speaker.

I feel the relief and joy viscerally.

I am free to (who you want to become).

I talk about (you with goal achieved) in a large, appreciative way.

It is easy for me to attract (your desired results).

Everything and everyone for what I want is lined up and rolling in.

My confidence shines every time I (action that relates to your goal).

               Example: My confidence shines every time I network and connect with speaking opportunities.

I feel good doing (activities relating to your goal).

I courageously (activities relating to your goal).


Just by reading some of these affirmations, you can feel the energy as it fills you with light, hope and excitement both in the process of doing the work and in anticipating your desired results.

Focus on the kind of energy you give out consistently and work on changing it into as much good energy as you can.


Approach + Consistency + Expectation = Goal Achieved!

Almost all of the hiccups you face along the way to your goals can be resolved by reflecting on and adjusting your approach, consistency and expectations.

I encourage you to read all of our Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone series, as it will guide you into taking the actions your goals require of you with clarity, courage and confidence.

I bet you will also enjoy our 100 Days of Inspiration that will lift you up and carry you forward.

I want 100 Days of Inspiration!

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