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10 Signs You Are Making Progress


10 Signs You Are Making Progress


Sometimes, when we’re super focused and working hard towards a goal or creating positive change in our life, it can be hard to see the truth: That we ARE making progress.

If you are feeling frustrated or discouraged, read on. Here are a handful of clues that you are doing things right and you are getting closer to your goal.

Sign #1 Desire

If you have a desire to become more than who and what you have been, this is a sure sign that good is around the corner. All real change starts with going through a shift at the internal core of who you are and once this happens, the snowball effect of growth begins.

You’ve reached this moment in life in which you’ve decided two things:

  1. You are worthy of living your best life possible – you know you are worthy of being happier, healthier and living life intentionally.
  2. You’ve decided things need to change, that you need to change and you are ready to start expecting the miracles in life.

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Sign #2 Admittance

You realize you have a lot of learning to be had and work to be done. You have recognized what it is in terms of skills and knowledge that you need and you’re working out a plan to acquire these tools. You are capable of admitting you are not yet where you want to be, and in this admission, you have a solid starting block to begin from.


Sign #3 Recognition

In admitting what you have yet to learn and become, you also recognize that it ok to be right where you are in life. It is okay to feel struggle, discomfort and uncertainty. It is okay to feel strong, capable and courageous. You are recognizing your thought patterns and emotions for what they are and you are beginning to direct them purposefully instead of succumbing to their roller coaster rides. You are also able to give yourself a break.  In recognition comes handfuls of joy and peace.


Sign #4 Acceptance

Once you are able to see yourself right where you are, as you are and you begin to take hold of your thoughts and feelings, comes acceptance.

You are learning to accept the truth about who you are – a person who is

  • Strong
  • Determined
  • Capable
  • Genuine
  • Poised
  • Powerful

You are beginning to rise into your higher self – a decisive, empowered and resilient gal!


Sign #5 Finding Courage

A wonderful sign of progress in personal growth is in finding courage to begin, to step out, to try new things, to become a better version of yourself. You are meeting new people, expanding your boundaries, and building a healthy support system. You are starting to have fun and you are adding fuel to that fire burning brightly within.

You are emerging as a woman intent on rising into the lady you know you are cable of becoming. You are inspiring others and setting a great example for the gals in your life.

Looking for courage to begin? Click that link for tips on building up your courage.

Sign #6 Support

As you start expanding your horizons and entering the arenas you want to be in, you begin to seek out mentorships. You are getting your foot in the door, you have a deep desire to learn and blossom and you are learning to ask for help!

You are beginning to build a support system filled with wise mentors and peers who provide you with good feedback, lift you up and share love and encouragement for your endeavors.


Sign # 7 Authenticity

You no longer just accept anything – if it’s not the right fit, you are learning to let it go. You can let things go because you believe and know that what you do want is out there and you don’t have to settle for less. Yes, your self-worth and convictions are gaining strongholds in the way you go about your daily life.

You recognize that changes in your life and what appears, it all needs to enhance who you are and the life you want to be living. Things must fit your needs, not make life more difficult.

Being able to let your true self shine through is a great sign you are making incredible progress!


Sign #8 Creating

You are focused on creating what you DO want. You are now doing your own thing, you are starting to live life on your terms! As you are gaining greater control over your thoughts and emotions you are also gaining clarity on just how you want your life to go. You are shedding all the old layers of what you didn’t want and who you didn’t like being.

Now you are decisively creating the various components of your life – as you desire them to be. You are now living authentically and intentionally.


Sign #9 Opportunities

The old you use to pounce on every opportunity that came your way – you use to believe these were golden ticket moments. Your vision and outlook on life is much bigger now and you will not settle for anything less than what you are worth. When you become selective about the opportunities you pursue, you are making progress. You realize that not everything that comes your way will lead you to your goal.

Your maturity, wisdom and ability to see the big picture is blending together with your increasing focus and motivation, decisiveness and willingness to hold to your true vision for what you desire. Results are starting to appear and you are gaining traction!


Sign #10 Resiliency

You find yourself handling challenges with greater ease. The things that use to tie you up and leave you devastated and stuck are no longer even on your radar.

You’ve learned how to rise above and stay focused on this truth –

You can handle everything in life with grace, poise and wisdom.


See, you are making progress!

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